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Myriam F. Mourani, M.B.A., C.T.E.C., R.T.R.P.

Designated as a Registered Tax Return Preparer
by the Internal Revenue Service

Accounting and Tax Services For Businesses and Individuals

Registered by the California Tax Education Council #A030416
Registered as a New York State Tax Preparer
• Tax preparation and strategy.
• Reasonable rates.
• 18 years in Corporate Finance and Management, including Corporate Controller.
• Registered to practice taxation in the State of California and nationwide.
• Experienced in 501[c][3] corporate tax preparation.
• Big Bear, CA Resident for Over 20 Years with services available nationwide.
• Former School of Business Administration adjunct faculty at
San Bernardino Valley College.
• Both personal and corporate tax returns prepared
• Keeping up with the latest tax laws so you don't have to.
• Founder/volunteer Bear Mountain Dog Rescue
909-584-2528 • 909-45-BBTAX
NEW YORK Clients Call 518-240-7TAX (7829)